Work-Shopping at PODC 2018

PODC 2018 is just around the corner i.e. coming up next week at RHUL, London! it has been a privelege to be the Workshops chair. In particular, it has been exciting to see a great program of workshops come together in a semi-distributed manner. Some of the workshops are well established and some are coming here for the first time. Either way, it feels like one is watching the evolution of stars in a galaxy from the timeline of origin – in the sense that some of these may evolve into full fledged conferences at some point and some may die out but each brings a perspective on a niche (possibly) and growing area of research. This is also the stage to experiment with ideas which are coming (or maybe not) but maybe not there yet!

The workshops are over two days – 23rd July and 27th July – a solid main course of 6 workshops interspersed with 4 lunch-time tutorials. The program has settled down such that we have Biological, Social networks and Blockchains on day 1 and Large scale distributed implementation, systems and Edge and fog computing on day 2.

Happy days!!

Here is the web link:


Hope to see you there!





Author: amitabht

Lecturer, Loughborough University, England

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