A report from DA@L – Distributed Algorithms @ Loughborough

A 180 degrees science from DA@L
A 180 degrees science from DA@L
A 180 degrees scene from DA@L – Distributed Algorithms @ Loughborough

Jan 28th, 2019 was a historic day at Loughborough University – well, at least, for distributed algorithms, since the first Distributed Algorithms @ Loughborough workshop was held there. Even though I am biased as the organiser, my feeling is that the day went well and the attendees enjoyed the workshop and all that was on offer – the high quality talks, the hospitality at Burleigh court – the large lunch and dinner, the drinks and even the foosball!

Somebody at Burleigh court kept trying hard to convince us (by putting up signposts) that our workshop was on Distribution Algorithms (rather than on Distributed Algorithms)  but still the speakers pushed on with the high quality talks on distributed algorithms, the slides and abstracts of which are now available on the conference site www.cosher.org/dal or linked right below (in order of presentation). Many thanks again to all the attendees and to EPSRC for making this possible.



Author: Amitabh Trehan

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