COSHER, Jonas and DA@L

My EPSRC first grant COSHER (Compact Self-Healing Routing) is coming to it’s final stages. Maybe I should have shouted about it earlier but we do have a website at My wonderful postoc Jonas Lefevre has recently moved on to his new mission after his year here. We have a number of interesting results, I believe, and more than that, a number of interesting ideas in the pipeline. In particular, we have some interesting ideas on algorithms for low memory large networks which I shall discuss here at some point in the future. We also have work on variants of leader election and fully dynamic self-healing routing in the pipeline. The time was almost too short – for this, it is good that EPSRC has now removed the funding cap of £125K from the first grant (besides renaming it to NIA – New Investigator Award) making it practically possible to support a postdoc for more than a year. Merci beacoup Jonas and thank you, EPSRC.

Finally, I am planning to organise a workshop centered around the themes of the grant – Reliability, Routing and Memory constraints on January 28th at Loughborough. I already have some exciting ‘Ayes’ to participation. The idea is to have some practitioners tell us what they really need and some theorists like me to feel happy that our dreamy ideas will be transformative in reality! I plan to call it DA@L – Distributed Algorithms @ Loughborough. I know, I know, it probably reminds a few of you of Lentil soup (daal), which doesn’t seem as exciting as butter chicken but, hey, climate change is real and maybe we have to do our bit eating low carbon usage foods! 🙂 –  If you have some ideas and/or plan to participate, please drop me a message!


Author: amitabht

Lecturer, Loughborough University, England

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