Funded PhD studentship in Graph Algorithms/Distributed Algorithms/Dynamic graphs

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I am on the look out for an outstanding PhD student. Here is the advert! I will also be advertising soon for a postdoc position as I seek to grow my algorithms/distributed algorithms research group. The student will have the chance to work in the dynamic and fast growing Loughborough CS and one of the best campuses to be a student in the UK. For more on Lufbra, see my previous post.

In brief, you may create the next cutting edge graph algorithm for resilient networks or solve an open problem in graph theory! (..and add a figure from your research to those above!)

Here’s a more formal description of what I envisage the student could undertake (with guidance from me and my outstanding colleagues at Loughborough CS):

This project seeks to design and mathematically analyse distributed graph algorithms with an emphasis on resilience and dynamic scenarios and, in general, to explore decentralisation. Networks are pervasive and diverse and, with the upcoming Internet of Things, likely to be deeply integrated into our society. Networks often rely upon distributed protocols for their functioning. Failure of components and security also makes resilience a critical issue. Distributed graph algorithms allow us to model, explore and design solutions for all kinds of networks.

We seek candidates who have strong interest in and are willing to explore topics in this domain from, but not limited to the following: i) Self-healing, byzantine and other forms of resilient algorithms, ii) Compact routing and memory limited algorithms, iii) Static and dynamic Leader election and consensus, iv) Techniques such as topology, spectral and algebraic tools and communication complexity, v) Game theory applied to distributed algorithms and decision making, vi) Modelling and application to modern networks such as IOT and SDN.

Please apply via at the link:  – the opening is fully funded for UK/EU students with a comfortable stipend, and is open for international (Non-EU) but the stipend will unfortunately be adjusted towards the higher international fees to begin with!


Author: amitabht

Lecturer, Loughborough University, England

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