Highlights of Algorithms, supermarine Paris, June 6th to 8th, 2016.


Halg! Here comes the Algorithms. Halg! .. and the algorithmicians.

Highlights of Algorithms  is taking place in Paris right now (June 6th to 8th). Surprisingly, all of Paris I have seen seems above water (contrary to what I expected seeing the news!). I think it’s a great idea- getting (hopefully) the best papers on algorithms in the past year at one venue (no formal proceedings). The atmosphere is lively and relaxed with probably more participants than the organisers expected (overflowing room!).

In true (and increasingly rare?) ode to ‘Theory’, Stephen Alstrup’s talk on labelling schemes used paper and OHP, as seen below:



The talk schedule is given at http://highlightsofalgorithms.org/program/. The talks today have ranged across topics from dynamic algorithms, mechanism design to distributed graph algorithms. Each talk, of course, deserves a post on itself to do justice. Tomorrow afternoon, I will present my paper Compact Routing Messages in Self-Healing Trees in one of the short paper sessions.

On a lighter node, google searching halg reveals this ‘urban dictionary’ entry: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Halg:

On a basic level, a “halg” is a break in a conversation that is being held over MSN. The length of a “halg” depends on circumstances, time of day and the people involved in the conversation.

Hugh! Hold on, I need a halg before my next post.

Author: amitabht

Lecturer, Loughborough University, England

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